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proposal for an artist residency festival (Bekegem, BE)

Bekegem is a very small village in the west of belgium. (1082 inhabitants). 3 people living in Bekegem met each other in the art school of Ghent. Amazed by the fact that they all came from this traditional non artistic village, they decided to organise an art festival in their village, happening every summer. There they could show their town that there is more than fields and cows. Each year the festival became bigger, with residencies, concerts,...

This year the organisation asked us if we wanted to think about a sort of stage were performances/concerts could happen. This would take place in an open field. We thought about visibility and about the integration of our structure within the field/village. Very typical in a village as Bekegem is the way the houses are built, there are a lot of small farm buildings. In belgium we call them Fermettes. After looking at these fermettes we decided to design a typical roof structure as people of the town could recognize. All constructed with wooden beams. Also important for stability and esthetics was that there would be a gutter.

Again, instead of building an entire fermette we decided to hang the roof on a crane, the space underneath the roof would become the space were people could perform. This crane would be standing in the field and because of its hight would be visible from the entire village. We also gave the roof a chimney, whenever there would start a performance white smoke would come out of the chimney, so the people would know that something was starting. The gutter was needed to balance the roof, this would look like a normal gutter but would be filled with concrete in the ground, so the roof wouldn't turn with the wind.